We are a general practice dental clinic, offering a wide range of dental services in a convenient location.

Examination is the thorough visual inspection assessment of patient's mouth, along with any necessary x-rays or model casts. Prior to that, medical information is obtained for a more guided treatment. Patients are encouraged to inform US their health conditions, medical history or existing illness and allergies for a cautious treatment planning.

Cleaning (Oral Prophylaxis) -Cleaning is an important professional oral hygiene maintenance procedure that benefits gum and supporting bone for a long-term sound condition of teeth and restorations.
Sealants - Highly effective on the biting surfaces of chewing teeth; a simple procedure in which a tooth-colored coating is applied to the surface of the tooth.
Floride Application - Helps strengthen and protect teeth from decay.

We offer full scope of restorative treatment for decayed/broken teeth. Restorations can be done with white filling, silver filling or with crown depending on the circumstances olnd patient's preference.
Light-cure CompOSite (white) Fillings - Indicated for restoration or filling of front teeth, esthetic areas and can be used for filling back teeth, in one appointment.
Inlays - Choice of ceramics or gold; for restoration of any teeth, particularly on bacl< teeth.
Temporary Fillings - When cavities are quite deep and need to be observed; this contains medicament for relief of pain or sensitivity; this will help the teeth pulp(nerve) to ,"epair itself avoiding the need for root canal therapy or extraction.

Helping patients' look and feel better through esthetic & cosmetic dentistry is our major focus. We will help you to explore the options on achieving a more attractive smile. For the smile you have always wanted, our visuals will allow you to preview how after smile transformation yours, could look like.
Bleaching (tooth whitening) - this will brighten discolored or stained teeth. Dentist supervised bleaching is the safest and most effective method to brighten your smile; we offer a great take home bleaching system. (All chemical used in these systems have been extensively researched and are safe as prescribed.)
Cosmetic Bonding -(Laminate veneers) - Bonding is a process in which enamel like material (ceramics) is applied to tooth's surface.
Cosmetic Contouring - Esthetic tooth reshaping for a more esthetic effect.Gum Reshaping - For those clients with low or uneven gum levels, a simple gum reshaping treatment can be performed.

Porcelain Crowns - (also called "cap" or "jacket") When a tooth is fractured, badly decayed, broken down, heavily filled or discolored, this is the best choice for a perfect smile and natural appearance.
Fixed Bridges- Replacing single or multiple missing teeth; they are cemented in place and are often in restoration of choice for a patient instead of a removable partial denture.
Removable Partial Dentures/Complete Denture- We provide meticulously and esthetically crafted dentures to help you to achieve a youthful look.
Implants - An alternative method of tooth replacement is to place biocompatible (titanium) materials into the jaw.

Root Canal Treatment -If a tooth's nerve becomes infected or inflamed, root canal therapy may only be the way to save the tooth, instead of removing it. This procedure consists of removing the nerve that lies within the root of the tooth.

Routine Cleaning- An important professional oral hygiene maintenance procedure that benefits gum and supporting bone for a long-term sound condition of teeth and restorations. Cleaning should be done twice a year to remove deposits adhering on teeth surfaces as well as the bacteria that settle in there. Scaling - Deep cleaning to remove deeply seated calculus and deposits. Non-surgial treatment of mild to moderate periodontal (gum) disease - Conservative nonsurgical therapy.

We provide a variety of minor oral surgery procedures.
• Teeth Extraction,
• Surgical Extractions,
• Removal of Impacted Wisdom Teeth,
• Biopsy,
• Soft and hard tissue surgery,
• Implant Surgery.

We cater to child patients making wise effort to gain their trust and respect. Our "show, touch and tell" technique makes them understand and pleasurably receive necessary treatment. We never use restraints. We give emphasis on prevention and guide parents in improving their children's chances of avoiding cavities. We provide the following dental care for child patients:
• Pit & Fissure Sealants
• Fluoride Treatment
• Space Maintainers
• Pulpotomy

Improves the tooth alignment and facial esthetic. It is also corrected abnormalities in shapes and functions between teeth and jaws.
• Child Orthodontic
• Adult Orthodontics

An emergency care is provided at night or on weekends. Emergency staffs are alwc]ys present, ready to help patients with their dental problems in a non-office hours.

Appointments are made to allow effective and convenient use of your time. This time is especially reserved for you.

Our fees are based on the quality of the materials we use and our experience in performing your needed treatment. We want to assure everyone that we are committed to providing the best quality Dentistry for a affordable and reasonable price.
Major Credit Cards are all accepted.

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Clinic Director : Dr.S.Faruk KÖNİ DDS.